Lesson 1

Week 1: MIDI Fundamentals

  • Live UI basics: session view, arrangement, + basic navigation
  • Push basics: layout and basic control
  • Useful music theory + production vocabulary¬†
  • MIDI basics, what is it? How can we use it?
    • Swapping instruments, tempo, velocity, pitch, duration
  • MIDI sequencing
    • Programming beats
    • Playing/recording MIDI live
    • Quantization, grid size, velocity
  • Sequence a Simple Beat + Vary Velocity / Dynamics (Directive 1)
    • Add a drum rack / preset kit to a MIDI track
    • Sequence a 1 bar drum pattern using the pencil tool (press b on your computer keyboard)
    • Adjust the velocity of some of the snare hits

    • Create copies of your finished sequence (hold alt on your computer keyboard and click and drag to a new clip slot on macOS; CTRL + C/V works, too).